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Grey Glass Art

Grey Glass Art

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Each leaf strand is one of a kind, but the glass leaves will look similar to the those shown here.
The glass leaves are individually hand cut from stained or recycled window glass (clear leaves),
shaped, painted, kiln fired and slumped to attain its organic shape. They are then carefully drilled
and suspended on fine stainless-steel wire with aluminum crimps. With driftwood and stone adorning
the top and bottom, the leaves are strung horizontally so they appear to be drifting to the ground,
and this also allows the wind to blow across them, rather than against them, making them safer to
hang outside if desired.


Approximately 18" long by approximately 3" wide with 5 leaves

"Deep Forest"
"Dusty Rose"
"Hot Chocolate"
"Shades of Autumn"
"Stormy Seas"
"Summer Lake"